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The Raid: Exclusive UK trailer

In case you hadn’t noticed, things are definitely hotting up for the release of Gareth Evan’s The Raid on 18 May. We recently posted a write-up of the special London screening and Q&A, and now an exclusive UK trailer has been created. We’ll be bringing a review of the full-on action film that reunites Gareth with his Merantau Warrior star Iko Uwais, but as you may have already picked up from us… we are very impressed!

Distributor Momentum have also created a new poster for the UK release, and this one has got us a bit bemused. As has already been noted on twitter feeds, they’ve simply riffed off the US poster, but inexplicably added a few stories to the tower block and helicopters that aren’t even in the film! (wtf?)

Well, anyway, whatever… I guess they must know what they’re doing? Good thing movie posters and covers have never been covered by the trade descriptions act – otherwise a lot of distributors would have been in trouble from the very beginning of film (and there’d be a lot of fantastically bad films from the ‘video nasty’ days that I would never have watched!)

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Year Of The 12 Directors: Meet Mr. Daddy and director Park Kwang-su Q&A

The Korean Cultural Centre UK continue their Year Of The 12 Directors with a special screening of Meet Mr. Daddy, which will be followed by a Q&A with the director Park Kwang-su.

Park Kwang-su is a lesser known director internationally, but of great importance to Korean cinema. In the 1980’s he founded the Seoul Film Group which had links to the student protests that came to define the era before helping to establish the Busan International Film Festival as well as leading the Busan Film Commission. In between all of which Park Kwang-su created a body of cinematic work that made him a role model for the many young Korean film directors who have followed along the path that he forged for them.

The screening and Q&A will take place at the Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly Circus, and tickets can be purchased directly from Apollo Cinemas.

There’s still a chance to attend the screening of Park Kwang-su’s 1995 film A Single Spark at the Korean Cultural Centre UK by Trafalgar Square. The screening is free but places must be booked in advance on the KCCUK’s website.

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Out on Blu-ray and DVD today – Jackie Chan’s 1911: Revolution

Jackie Chan’s 100th movie, 1911: Revolution is out on UK Blu-ray and DVD today courtesy of Cine-Asia. A sumptuous production with well-orchestrated battle scenes, The Guardian gave a harsh if not completely unfair review the other day. (Although I was more than a little distracted by the news that his 101st movie, Chinese Zodiac, will star 80s cheesy listening guru Kenny G in a supporting role!… yep, I’m grabbing my twelve-inch of Songbird right now, ahem.)

We’ll be bringing you a review soon, along with (hopefully) an exclusive interview. In the meantime you can still win a copy, along with 20 OTHER Jackie Chan films – one of which will be signed by the man himself – in our competition!

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Elizabeth Olsen could star in Spike Lee’s version of OldBoy

…so it looks like this is finally happening for real? Really hoping we don’t get the the whole Scorsese Departed debacle again…

I mean, as with Martin, I love Spike and his movies, but are we gonna get another shot for shot cover version, compounded by an (admittedly deserved, but not for that!) Oscar?

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