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Introducing Phillip…

It’s been a big year for easternKicks, and it just keeps getting bigger, quite literally, as we add another regular contributor…

new reviewer phillipDublin-based Phillip joins us as an avid fan of Hong Kong cinema (nothing to be ashamed of there! :)). Unsurprisingly one of Phillip’s favourite distribution labels was the much-lamented Hong Kong Legends, so he’ll be helping fill out some older releases, as well as covering new films. But enough from me, here’s what the fella has to say about himself…

“Hey, there! My name’s Phillip and I’m obsessed with the moving image! If I’m not watching movies and TV series, I’m writing about them! Watching Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ films in the 1980’s made an impression on me to become a film-maker myself, while discovering French New Wave, Westerns, sci-fi and anime in my teens helped to understand and become curious about world cinema. In being a fan of anime, it helped me to find Hong Kong Action films and later Japanese and Korean cinema. I wouldn’t say I think Asian cinema is superior to Western cinema, I just think understanding the language of film spoken in another country’s tongue gives you an insight into yours.

“In the early 2000’s, Hong Kong Legends became a very important video label to me, allowing me to find films, actors and directors I would have had no chance to find otherwise. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, they all became my guides to Asian cinema. At the same time, HKL reawakened in me the desire to watch films again, something that had waned for me at the time. Truly movies are universal in who they can appeal to. Armed with this viewpoint, I am proud and pleased to help contribute to your enjoyment of Asian pop culture.”

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Founder of easternKicks.com, which he's been running since 2002. And it's all thanks to Monkey, Water Margin and those damn fantastic 80s Hong Kong action movies! Andy works as a graphic designer in London... More »

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