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Festival Round-up…

It seems every time you sneeze another festival pops up at the moment. It’s been difficult not to get rather pre-occupied by the London Film Festival, the Im Kwon-taek retrospective and the upcoming London Korean Film Festival – yet believe it or not there are other festivals going on…!

(I mean really guys – have you not considered how quiet February is? We can’t go to everything, especially if you run them all at the same time!)

The 4th China Image Film Festival runs from Sunday 28 October to Sunday 4 November, looking at modern filmmaking in China. According to one write-up, there will be 23 films screened (though a final schedule of films and venues has been difficult to find on their website and Facebook presences). (Update: The programme is now online!)

Films will include Cai Shangjun’s People Mountain People Sea (人山人海), Chen Kaige’s Caught In The Web (搜索), An Inaccurate Memoir (匹夫), Perfect Baby (巴黎宝贝), Hong Gate banquet inspired White Vengeance (鸿门宴) (but no The Last Supper?) and one film I’ve been hearing lots of good things about, Cheng Er’s Lethal Hostage (边境风云).

Rather easier to navigate comes the London International Animation Festival, running from Thursday 25 October to 4 November. Unsurprisingly, there’s a few titbits of interest, though admittedly at more of the ‘arthouse’ end of Anime/animation. Keita Kurosaka’s Midori-Ko screens with two of his acclaimed short films, Worm Story (1989) and Agitated Screams of Maggots (2006) (I’m sensing a theme here :) ). There’s a programme of recent Japanese Shorts, and a masterclass and retrospective with Koji Yamamura, described as ‘arguably the greatest short-form, auteur animator in Japan today’.

Also taking place this weekend is the London MCM Expo, which always spotlights anime, manga and cosplay activities.

I’ll write up more on the London Korean Film Festival shortly, but follow us on Twitter or Facebook for ‘one-offs’ and screening recommends that don’t necessarily fit within Asian FIlm……

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