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Free eBooks on Asian film!

Fascinating and useful book giveaways from Hong Kong University Press – save yourself some money!…

Good news for those who don’t only like to watch films, but can’t get enough of reading about them!

Hong Kong University recently announced that twelve of its books related to film studies are free of charge, completely legal, downloadable at the Open Access website. Why? We don’t know, but that won’t stop us from applaud this free accessible knowledge about the seventh art. :) The most useful one of the list is probably Horror to the extreme: Changing Boundaries in Asian cinema, an interesting and fresh approach towards the recent “Asian extreme” cinema in the form of a selection of thought-provoking essays written by experts in the field. Essays concerning Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy (2003), Miike’s Audition (1999), the recent South Korean revival and other subjects are part of this remarkable collection of writings.

Fans of visionary directors Wong Kar-wai and John Woo will also be pleased: both Ashes of Time (1994) and Happy Together (1997) are subject to a careful analysis and the same goes for John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow (1986) and The Killer (1989). Especially Hall’s analysis of The Killer is insightful, explaining how cinema is an art form where every picture influences a thousand other ones. Fans of the number two action director of the Hong Kong new wave, Johnnie To, will be pleased to hear that there’s a free ebook dedicated to PTU (2003). Anime fanatics will also be pleased in this giveaway!

Check out the full list below…

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Kristof Boghe
Kristof Boghe just finished his master in communication sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. As his main interest lies in the political and ideological significance of the medium, he pursues a PhD in film studies. Read reviews/articles »

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