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Full free Korean Films on YouTube

A few months back it was announced that the Korean Film Archive was going to begin putting classic and often rare (mostly very hard to get hold of) films online via YouTube. The good news is that after a little stopping and starting (and a worrying couple of days were everything became ‘private’) we’re very happy to say the Archive is up in force with 70 films!

There’s a wealth of Korean film history, with films from the 1940s to the 90s, with special sections devoted to Kim Ki-young, Im Kwon-taek and Shin Sang-ok. Amongst the films there’s Hong Sang-soo’s (Hahaha, The Day He Arrives) debut The Day a Pig Fell into the Well, and Park Kwang-su’s breakthrough film Chil-su and Man-su, which formed part of the Korean Cultural Centre UK’s Year of the 12 Directors retrospective. And much more besides!

Better yet, all are provided with English subtitles for us to enjoy…

For more, head on over to

(With any luck one day this will beat my Free kung fu movies! post in popularity. Now all I need is the time to watch them all!;))

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