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The Year Of The 12 Directors draws to a close…

This Thursday sees the last screening in the Year Of The 12 Directors, Yim Soon-rye’s Fly, Penguin, take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, based just off Trafalgar Square. As always, the screening is free but requires that you book a place online beforehand.

Last week saw the last official Q&A event, following a screening of Yim’s highly enjoyable Rolling Home With A Bull, and we were very proud to be part of the group interview beforehand. It marks the close of an incredible year for the KCCUK, with a yearlong programme bringing a leading Korean director over every month (save for November – due to a scheduling clash).

This year’s London Korean Film Festival was also the most spectacular yet, as if the opening film The Thieves wasn’t crowd-pleasing enough, with lead star Kim Yoon-suk and director Choi Dong-hoon, then nothing prepared us for the closing gala for Masquerade. Director Choo Chang-min was joined by stars Lee Byung-hun and Ryoo Seung-yong, and many of Lee’s co-stars for Red 2 (which was filming in London) including Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Korean Cultural Centre UK for all their generosity, and arranging this and all the events over the year – making 2012 such a special year for not only Korean Film in the UK, but also Korean culture. A very, very ‘Well done guys’!

We all can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2013! (Though a similar programme but involving actors was mentioned at the Q&A…)

I’d also like to give a special mention to all my fellow group interviewers over the year: London Korean Times, Mini Mini Movies, The F Word, Colette Balmain, Korean Class Massive, London Korean Links, New Korean Cinema, Koreaffinity and, of course, the inimitable Hangul Celluloid (aka Mighty Quinn) for his epic efforts typing up most of the year’s interviews.

Though some of our paths had crossed previously, it’s been a great year for making new friends and very happy to be part of the ‘London Korean Film Club’! :)

The Year of the 12 Directors

January – Lee Myung-se (Solo interview)

February – E J-yong (Group interview)

March – Park Kwang-su (Group interview)

April – Song Il-gon (Group interview)

May – Jeon Gye-soo (Group interview)

June – Lee Joon-ik (Group interview)

July – Lee Hyeon-seung (Group interview)

August – Lee Yoon-ki (Group interview)

September – Jeon Kyu-hwan (Group interview)

October – Im Kwon-taek (Group interview)

November – Song Hae-seong (Interview cancelled due to scheduling clash)

December – Yim Soon-rye (Group interview)

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