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Tohoku on Film part II

The Japan Foundation presents special screenings next week, marking the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake…

11 March marks the second anniversary of the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake, and to mark that the Japan Foundation are presenting two very special screenings, Fukushima Hula Girls (Ganbappe Hula Girls) and Eclair (Eclair: Okashi Hourouki).

Following on from the successful screening of the hit movie Hula Girls as part of this year’s Touring Film Programme Once Upon a Time in Japan, the Japan Foundation is delighted to present Fukushima Hula Girls, an uplifting documentary following the real-life hula girls from the Spa Resort Hawaiians in the Fukushima Prefecture. Narrated by Hula Girls star Yu Aoi, this documentary shows the girls’ determination and resilience in building a brighter future for Fukushima.

Based on the autobiographical novel by Shigeru Nishimura and set around the turbulent period of the Second World War, Éclair tells Akio (Hajime Yoshii), a young orphaned boy with an obsession for all things sweet. Éclair was shot in the autumn of 2010 in Ishinomaki-city and other places in the Miyagi prefecture. Many of the beautiful locations and historic buildings were swept away by the tsunami. The film offers a fascinating and wonderful insight into the area in which the film is set before the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The screenings take place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March. Full details can be found on the Japan Foundation website. Screenings are free but spaces are limited, so must be booked in advance via email…

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