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Wolf Girl – the Princess Mononoke fan film

‘A new live action adventure in cinematic quality by loving fans. A fairytale of wondrous creatures in a world inspired by Studio Ghibli’…

Imagine the world, 600 hundred years after the events of Princess Mononoke: The forests have regrown and cities have been rebuilt but the new balance between them is trembling… What if the forest needed a Princess once again?

We know that there are fans of Princess Mononoke all over the world so we have carefully crafted a story that can be enjoyed in any language. New characters. New adventure. Echoes of the past. Glimpses of the things you love about Princess Mononoke.

We want to share an enchanting tale of passionate lost souls, through a captivating film with beautiful locations, fantastic creatures and epic scale.

A team of ambitious filmmakers & FX artists in the UK are volunteering and collaborating to create a live action film inspired by one of Japan’s most celebrated animated features: Princess Mononoke. Even though Wolf Girl is pitched as a fan film “For fans, by fans”, this ambitious short looks to break the fan film mould and deliver something truly fantastic.

The fans of Princess Mononoke deserve a fan film made with cinematic quality: Wolf Girl should feel like a true cinema movie, so we are working hard to achieve high production values above and beyond that of our concept trailer.

We have looked to crowdfunding site Kickstarter in order to generate the funds required to make the production as professional and magical as possible, and are hoping to hit our goal of £29,000 (US$45,800) by September 29 – 5 DAYS TO GO!

From graphic designers and model makers to musical composers and puppet developers, the creative side of the team is bursting with talent and ideas. Your backing will provide them with the resources to create amazing things! The production side is led by a team of producers with a wealth of experience in feature film, TV and short films.

Naturally, this being a Kickstarter campaign, there are plenty of rewards for backers, besides, of course, the chance to see this project blossom into the full-length production, with everything from copies of the finished film to a travel-and-accommodation-included trip to London to have dinner with the producers.


Please note: Wolf Girl is in no way endorsed by Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki. This fan film is not for profit: we are making it for the fans and our own enjoyment.

Concept trailer:

Kickstarter campaign page:

About the author

Georgie Yukiko Donovan
Producer of Wolf Girl

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