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World Exclusive: The Taste Of Money UK trailer

Im Sang-soo’s (The Housemaid, The President’s Last Bang) latest film hits UK screens this October, and we can exclusively reveal the UK trailer…

From Im Sang-soo, the director of The Housemaid comes a ‘bitter and delicious’ thriller of lust, seduction, decadence and betrayal.

One of South Korea’s richest families, controlled with a vice-like grip by Geum-ok (Yoon Yeo-jeong), wife of the prominent but disillusioned family-business President, Yoon (Baek Yun-shik), is in the throes of crisis. Her newly appointed personal secretary, a handsome and ambitious young man, Joo (Kim Kang-woo), deals with the families immoral-and illegal-activities whilst patiently waiting for his own chance for financial reward, but when he is witness to an affair the balance of power shifts, with tragic consequences. As their personal and professional empire begins to unravel and a scandalous arrest threatens to expose the family’s unsavoury secrets, the steely-cold Geum-ok turns to the basest form of revenge left available to her, cold-blooded murder. Lost between his own shrinking sense of morality and a shortcut to an ever-growing bank balance, Joo has to decide between rescuing what is left of his moral soul and a the plentiful supply of cold-hard-cash that lies waiting for him in the household’s vault.

The Taste Of Money is released in UK cinemas on 25 October by Arrow Films.

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