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We’re always looking for new contributors who share our passion for Asian film, if you’d like the chance to review for us, interview actors and filmmakers, or just contribute to our social channels, then we’d like to hear from you…

easternKicks.com has been running for over a decade, slowly building up a reputation for one of the destinations of choice for fans of Asian film, with news, reviews, exclusive interviews and great finds on our social networks – and we’d like you to be a part of it!

We’re looking for people who share our passion to join our ranks from all over the world, whether it’s reviewing new films or classics, getting the opportunity to interview directors, filmmakers and stars, or attending festivals and award ceremonies. You might be an expert at finding all the juiciest news and gossip on social networks like Facebook and Twitter; perhaps you already have your own blog and be looking for wider exposure, or maybe you just want to test the waters before you do.

Though we’re based in the UK, we’re happy to receive contributions from anywhere in the world. We currently have contributors from Italy, Ireland, Japan, New York, New Zealand, Hong Kong and more.

If any of this applies to you, then drop us a line and let your voice be heard. We can’t offer money, but we can offer preview copies or screenings of upcoming movies and games. And when you’re confident enough to start your own blog we’ll even offer advice on setting up your own blog.

Just use the form below and get in touch now…

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Andrew Heskins
Founder of easternKicks.com, which he's been running since 2002. And it's all thanks to Monkey, Water Margin and those damn fantastic 80s Hong Kong action movies! Andy works as a graphic designer in London... More »
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