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Episode 32 – Spotlight on… A Tale of Two Sisters

A look back at a Korean horror classic…

This episode we look back on Kim Jee-woon‘s classic Korean horror more patterned wallpaper than John Lewis, A Tale Of Two Sisters, with help from Stephen Palmer and Yonah Sichrovsky. We also announce a new association with Gweilo Beer! Don’t forget to get your discount! But most importantly, will someone explain what’s going on to Yonah? Find out!

This episode’s timecodes   

00:45 – Episode introduction
03:43 – An introduction to A Tale of Two Sisters
07:50 – The house of William Morris
13:18 – A very British Asian horror?
16:07 – The perfect moment
24:10 – When did the American Remakes start?
27:16 – The legacy of Two Sisters
33:56 – A good time to revisit
37:26 – Does it hold up?
44:33 – We finally work out the ending for Yonah (spoilers!)
48:27 – What else would we like to see getting the special edition treatment?
56:59 – Outro

A Tale Of Two Sisters is available now on Blu-ray from Arrow Video.


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