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100 Asian Films to watch in 2017

easternKicks deliver our list of the top 100 Asian Films you really should watch in 2017, and what we’re looking forward to seeing!

After our article early this year on the best films in Asian Cinema to watch in 2016, we’ve decided to come back with an even bigger, better and more expansive listical for next year. Our aim? To showcase the absolute best films to watch in 2017, from all the countries and directors you’d know, and lots of inspiring delights to look forward to that you haven’t heard of.

Over the space of this list you can find the latest films from Pang Ho-Cheung and Herman Yau; more on the latest Death Note remake from the USA, unheard-of Indian short films, Cambodian documentaries on Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, the biggest South Korean blockbusters, and the zaniest Japanese films to hit screens in 2017. Oh, and a really weird Hong Kong cat film called Meow featuring Louis Koo!

There are lots more films being released in 2017 that we couldn’t possibly list (and may not even know about!), there is a plethora of amazing cinematic releases lined up for 2017 that we unfortunately don’t have space to shout about! As film fanatics, we would love to share the excitement of new films we’ve only just heard of from Malaysia or Thailand, so why list 90 Hong Kong films everyone knows is coming and make a generic list?

Keep up with easternKicks through 2017, and hopefully we’ll review every single release on our list over the forthcoming year; alongside many more films, interviews, and all your favourite content in the West from your favourite film countries in the East.



Have a great 2017 film year from easternKicks!!!!

Titles picked by Andrew Daley with help from the team.

About the author

Andrew Daley
News Editor for easternKicks, and a Video Producer for Cycling Weekly based in London, with a passion for East Asian cinema, photography, and the outdoors. Read reviews/articles »
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