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Michelle Bai exclusive video interview

We talk to Donnie Yen’s co-star on Kung Fu Killer about her new film…

In a plush room at The May Fair Hotel we were fortunate enough to have some time to chat to Michelle Bai (Bai Bing). Her early small roles in big feature films like Let The Bullets Fly and Shaolin have blossomed into much bigger roles in Dante Lam’s The Viral Factor and Derek Kwok’s As The Light Goes Out. The 28-year-old actress had previously worked another Martial Arts legend, Jackie Chan, on Looking For Jackie (aka Jackie Chan and the Kung Fu Kid) and Chinese Zodiac (CZ12), but neither role offered her the chance to throw some moves herself, as she does in Kung Fu Killer with Donnie Yen.

In the short time we had with her, we spoke about her role in Teddy Chen‘s new film, Kung Fu Jungle, and working with Yen. And how we’re bound to be seeing her in more fighting roles soon.

Kung Fu Killer screened as a World Premiere at the 58th London Film Festival 2014 and is now available on UK Blu-ray and DVD.

Thanks to Kate Hudson and the team at DDA, and big thanks to Anthony Gates and Fausto Vernazzani for their work as film crew on the day – and especially to Ant for his post-production work on the footage. 🙂

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