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Full line-up for Osaka Asian Film Fest 2019 has been revealed!

Vietnamese heartwarming comedy ‘Daddy Issues’ is selected as this year’s closing film…

The full line-up for OAFF’s 14th edition has finally been announced. With the theme “From Osaka to All of Asia!”, 51 films from 17 Asian countries and regions will be screened at OAFF.

Hail from Vietnam, director Ken Ochiai’s Daddy Issues will be making its Japan premiere as the closing film on 17 March at Osaka ABC Hall. Based on Japanese novel Papa to Musume no Nanokakan, the story follows the blossoming relationship between a childish father and a headstrong daughter through many twists of events after learning that their bodies are switched.

14 films will be taking part in the Competition section. The international jurors will select the winners and award the Grand Prix and Most Promising Talent Award to them. The Crossing, Hai Phuong, Meili, and Still Human are among the competitors. Indie Forum will present seven features and three shorts directed by new innovative and challenging talents. The winner will receive the Japan Cuts Award given by the Japan Society.

Three special programs are some of the major highlights to check out. “New Action! Asia”, features seven films which highlight the new movement in Asian cinema. “Special Focus on Hong Kong 2019” will be showcased with six films which introduces the new generation of filmmakers. “Taiwan: Movies on the Move 2019” is worth mentioning as seven fresh Taiwanese films will take the audiences into looking at the current Taiwan.

In supporting Osaka-based film study and production in graduate schools, Housen Cultural Foundation will be showing three films along with a special screening of Old Love, a joint film production between Japanese and Korean Movie Education Institutions.

Here’s the full-lineup of OAFF 2019 which will be held from 8 to 17 March.

Opening Film

RANDEN: The Comings and Goings on a Kyoto Tram, Takuji Suzuki, 2019, Japan, 114 minutes, World Premiere

Closing Film

Daddy Issues, Ken Ochiai, 2018, Vietnam, Japan Premiere


  • Asandhimitta, Asoka Handagama, 2018, Sri Lanka, 98 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Bulbul Can Sing, Rima Das, 2018, India, 95 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • The Crossing, Bai Xue, 2018, China, 99 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • The Girl in the Orange Dress, Jay Abello, 2018, Philippines, 100 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • G Affairs, Lee Cheuk Pan, 2018, Hong Kong, 105 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Hai Phuong, Le Van Kiet, 2019, Vietnam, 98 minutes, International Premiere
  • Jeux de Plage, Aimi Natsuto, 2019, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand & South Korea, 77 minutes, World Premiere
  • The Lady Improper, Tsang Tsui Shan, 2018, Hong Kong, 107 minutes, International Premiere
  • Maggie, Yi Ok-seop, 2018, South Korea, 88 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Meili, Zhou Zhou, 2018, Taiwan & China, 95 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Our Body, Han Ka-ram, 2018, South Korea, 95 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Still Human, Oliver Chan Siu Kuen, 2018, Hong Kong, 111 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Tanabata’s Wife, Lito Casaje, Charison Ong & Choy Pangilinan, 2018, Philippines, 90 minutes, International Premiere
  • With All My Hypothalamus, Dwein Baltazar, 2018, Philippines, 110 minutes, Japan Premiere

Special Program – New Action! Asia

  • Aruna & Lidahnya, Edwin, 2018, Indonesia, 106 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Billie & Emma, Samantha Lee, 2018, Philippines, 100 minutes, International Premiere
  • Eternity Between Seconds, Alec Figuracion, 2018, Philippines, 83 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Homestay, Parkpoom Wongpoom, 2018, Thailand, 132 minutes, International Premiere
  • Life of Zhang Chu, Lu Yu-lai, 2018, China, 110 minutes, International Premiere
  • Ode to the Goose, Zhang Lu, 2018, South Korea, 121 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Sad Beauty, Bongkod Bencharongkul, 2018, Thailand, 92 minutes, Japan Premiere

Indie Forum

  • Demolition Girl, Genta Matsugami, 2018, Japan, 88 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Hana, Mai Nakanishi, 2018, South Korea & Japan, 13 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Nunchaku and Soul, Akiyoshi Koba, 2019, Japan, 76 minutes, World Premiere
  • Okinawan Blue, Tsukasa Kishimoto, 2018, Japan, 97 minutes
  • Sayounara, Yuho Ishibashi, 2018, Japan, 86 minutes
  • Shinjuku Tiger, Yoshinori Sato, 2019, Japan, 83 minutes, World Premiere
  • Sisterhood, Takashi Nishihara, 2018, Japan, 87 minutes
  • Slowly, Momoko Fukuda, 2019, Japan, 23 minutes, World Premiere
  • Whole, Bilal Kawazoe, 2019, Japan, 44 minutes, World Premiere
  • Wild Tour, Sho Miyake, 2018, Japan, 67 minutes

Special Screenings

  • Afternoon Breezes (Digitally Mastered Version), Hitoshi Yazaki, 1980, Japan, 110 minutes
  • Love in Parallel, Yusuke Inaba, 2018, Japan, 90 minutes
  • Peer, Shinya Ayabe, 2019, Japan, 99 minutes, World Premiere
  • Somewhen, Somewhere, Lim Kah-wai, 2019, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macau, Japan & Malaysia, 81 minutes, World Premiere

Special Program – Special Focus on Hong Kong 2019

  • G Affairs, Lee Cheuk Pan, 2018, Hong Kong, 105 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • The Lady Improper, Tsang Tsui Shan, 2018, Hong Kong, 107 minutes, International Premiere
  • Still Human, Oliver Chan Siu Kuen, 2018, Hong Kong, 111 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Missbehavior, Pang Ho-cheung, 2019, Hong Kong, 88 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • A Woman is A Woman, Maisy Goosy Suen, 2018, Hong Kong, 93 minutes, International Premiere
  • Farewell Summer Night, Huang Xiao-peng, 2018, China & Hong Kong, 39 minutes, International Premiere

Special Program – Taiwan: Movies on the Move 2019

  • 2923, Sunny Yu, 2018, Taiwan, 37 minutes
  • Chi: The Method of Breathing, Liu Yi, 2018, Taiwan & US, 25 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Dear Ex, Mag Hsu & Hsu Chih-yen, 2018, Taiwan, 100 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Father, Yang Li-chou, 2018, Taiwan, 98 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • La Petite Mort, Yvette Chou, 2018, Taiwan, 17 minutes
  • More Than Blue, Gavin Lim, 2018, Taiwan, 106 minutes, Japan Premiere
  • Till Next Time, Paulie Huang Chin-chih, 2018, Taiwan, 25 minutes, Japan Premiere

Supported Program – Housen Cultural Foundation: Support for film study and production

  • Future of the Past, Takamasa Iwasaki, 2019, Japan, 45 minutes, World Premiere
  • Karaoke Ensemble, Yosuke Koizumi, 2018, Japan, 40 minutes
  • Sadao, Pilone Zon, 2018, Japan, 58 minutes, World Premiere
  • One Love, Park Ki-yong, 2017, South Korea & Japan, 89 minutes, Japan Premiere

Find out more details about the screenings in OAFF’s full programme here.

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