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Hong Kong Film Festival UK 2022 will be showcasing 16 films across the UK

Its first edition will take place in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Edinburgh…

Hong Kong Umbrella Community CIC (HKUC) will be curating its first momentous project, Hong Kong Film Festival 2022, that aims to “inherit eclectic genres and novel dynamics of Hong Kong filmmaking heritage in the past decades, promote the preservation of enchanting “Hong Kong Stories”, and re-narrate them by showcasing a new wave of Hong Kong cinema that has blossomed in an era of drastic transformation and reflecting the challenging reality of current Hong Kong”.

With its theme ‘Rupture and Rebirth, the event will screen 16 titles which comprise of 6 documentaries, 5 feature films, and 5 short films. The first stop will be in London (19 – 27 March) followed by Manchester, Bristol, and Edinburgh (30 March – 5 April).

Revolution of Our Times (2021, UK Premiere) will be this year’s opening film and will end with the closing film, May You Stay Forever Young (2021, UK Premiere).

Here are the following films which will be screened across the UK.

  • Opening Film – Revolution of Our Times, Kiwi Chow, Hong Kong, 2021, 152 minutes, UK Premiere
  • Inside the Red Brick Wall, 2020, Hong Kong, 88 minutes

  • Ballad on the Shore, Ma Chi Hang, Hong Kong, 2017, 98 minutes
  • Black Bauhinia, Dr. Malte Philipp Kaeding, UK, 2020, 77 minutes
  • I Miss You When I See You, Simon Chung, Hong Kong 2018, 93 minutes, UK Premiere

  • Made in Hong Kong (4K Restored Version), Fruit Chan, Hong Kong, 1997, 108 minutes
  • Shorts Compilation: Multiple Realities
  1. Wong Ping’s Fables, Wong Ping, Hong Kong, 2018, 13 minutes
  2. The World of Mindfulness, Liang Ying, Hong Kong, 2021, 20 minutes
  3. 32 + 4, Chan Hau-chan, Hong Kong, 2014, 32 minutes
  4. Night is Young, Zune Kwok, Hong Kong, 2020, 25 minutes
  5. The Night, Tsai Ming-Liang, Taiwan, 2021, 19 minutes

Visit Hong Kong Film Festival UK 2022 website for full screening schedule and ticket purchases.

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