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Seoul Station UK Digital and DVD/Bluray Release Announced

Studio Canal has announced Seoul Station UK digital and DVD/Bluray release…

Train to Busan is one of the highest-grossing films last year across Asia. Due to its popularity in the UK, the prequel to Train to Busan, Seoul Station released in the UK cinemas at the end of last year. Director Yeon Sang-ho is known for thrilling animations including his debut film King of Pigs and 2013’s The Fake. Seoul Station, an animated zombie film, was shown at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festvail and Hawaii International Film Festival.  Studio Canal has announced the digital release will be on 27 March 2017 followed by DVD/Bluray release on 3 April 2017.



At Seoul Station, the old man becomes a zombie and bites the homeless person’s flesh that ignites the army of zombies looking to feed themselves desperately. Hae-sun witnesses the frightening sight while her father and boyfriend search for her throughout Seoul. As the situation gets worse, the government declares a lock out of the station, leaving the victims to struggle desperately against the dangerous zombies. Each and every one are running away in order to survive in the intense zombie outbreak.

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