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Episode 25: Cliff Walkers and Zhang Yimou

We review the director’s latest film and look back on his work…

We look at the acclaimed director Zhang Yimou’s latest film, Cliff Walkers, as well his genre work over the last decade. While easternKicks regulars Phillip O’Connor, Maja Korbecka and Stephen Palmer join us for their thoughts on Zhang’s work.

This episode’s timecodes   

00:03:32 – Episode introduction
00:02:50 – Cliff Walkers review
00:28:10 – Other works
00:30:10 – Stephen Palmer on the 2008 Olympics
00:36:03 – A Simple Noodle Story aka A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop aka ‘Zhang Yimou’s Blood Simple’ (sigh)
00:41:20 – Maja Korbecka on The Road Home
00:47:40 – The Flowers Of War
00:51:00 – Phillip O’Connor on The Great Wall
00:53:05 – The Great Wall
00:57:30 – Shadow
01:00:15 – One Second and Under The Light
01:09:30 – Outro

Cliff Walkers is released in cinemas now, screening in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand via CMC Pictures.

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