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Fresh Wave 2015: See You Once Again

Mixed emotions and longing between father and daughter…

Jane Leung, an undergraduate student in School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, shares the power of hope in the toughest times through her short film, See You Once Again.

For Carrie’s better future, the mother divorced the father and took her to Canada as her father did not earn enough money for the family including Carrie’s wellbeing. 20 years later, Carrie and her father meet for a small reunion dinner along with Carrie’s new family. The overall atmosphere is awkward yet, within their hearts, they miss each other. While having lingering past memories, what makes them happy at present is that they are doing well with their own lives.

The storyline is self-explanatory about both father’s and Carrie’s situations by showcasing the past and present. In the past, the father let go of Carrie because he realized that he is not good enough for the family. He believes that oversea education and environment is good for Carrie because he doesn’t want her to be struggling like him. Although he is happy that Carrie is doing well, he has regrets and sadness as he is not there by her side. Carrie evokes a sense of responsibility for both herself and new family including her daughter. However, throughout those 20 years in her life in Canada, she feels abandoned due to the lack of love from her mother and missing her father’s love. She is lonely throughout her life as her father was not there to see her great moments including her wedding as she hopes that her father can walk with her along the aisle.

Although there is a certain level of awkwardness between father and Carrie, the past moments that they spent together before she went to Canada make them miss each other. It shows the subtle emotional relationship between father and daughter. It also has the complex in making other lives fulfilled with love and happiness by supporting others instead of themselves.

See You Once Again is part of our regular series looking at films from the Fresh Wave Hong Kong Short Film Competition 2015 and screens as part of Chinese Visual Festival on 14th May with guest filmmakers taking part in a Q&A.

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